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Finding military candidates is easy.
Hiring the best one is hard.

Finding jobs to apply to is easy.
Landing the best career for you and your family is hard.

Hard is what we do.

Cohen Partners helps Client Companies

Client Companies

How we help our clients land the best military candidate available.

When you partner with us, we select the exact military profile that works best for you. We create a powerful spotlight for your company to competitive military candidates who trust our advice on where to start their next career.

  • Recruit candidates years before they’re available.
  • Build and maintain a relationship with each.
  • Travel the globe to interview candidates in-person (might sound old-fashioned, but we think meeting people face-to-face is still important).
  • Thoroughly vet their performance via their military evaluations. As with any organization, there are a few superstars in the military, a lot of good professionals, and a few poor performers. Those evaluations clearly tell us which camp a candidate is in.

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Job Seekers

We don’t “sell” you on what we have available.

The professionals at Cohen Partners have decades of experience helping thousands of military candidates secure the best careers available. And your preferences drive our process. We don’t “sell” you on what we have available. Rather we take your experiences, family situation, track record, and preferences and align those with the best corporate career options.

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Your odds of landing a career that aligns with your preferences are:

How likely are you to get a job?

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