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Job Seekers

The professionals at Cohen Partners have decades of experience helping thousands of military candidates secure the best careers available.

And your preferences drive our process. We don’t “sell” you on what we have available. Rather we take your experiences, family situation, track record, and preferences and align those with the best corporate career options.

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Cost: Nothing.

We charge corporations a fee after we help you land a great career.


Cohen Partners represents a large spectrum of professional career options. Large corporations. Small start-ups. High technology. Low tech. White collar. Heavy industrial.

  • "Do you set up internships?" No.
  • "Are your jobs contract or temporary work?" No. All the openings we represent are full-time and permanent.
  • "Government?" No.

Why Cohen Partners

Automated matching doesn’t work. Just as every military candidate is unique, so also are the various opportunities in corporations. What might be your dream job could be someone else’s nightmare. And while there have been herculean efforts to automate matching candidates to openings, none works.

Talking is key. Instead of asking you to complete a bunch of profiles which ultimately yield nothing that will help you land a great job, we will talk to you and ask you a bunch of questions. Listening closely to your answers will then give us the targeting data we need. Want to communicate only on text and email? Then we won’t be a good resource for you.

And talking is how we also secure the openings we represent with corporations: we talk to hiring managers. We do not take your resume and spam it out hoping somehow something somewhere sticks.

So if you want to apply online to hundreds of openings (most of which aren’t real) and trust that somehow some algorithm identifies you thinking that’s how you’ll land the best job out there, we are not a good resource for you.

Instead, if you want to talk to an expert with years of experience helping professionals like you who clearly understands your military background, can recommend where you should look for the best opportunities, and has the experience to help you land a great offer, we’re here for you.

There’s no risk. Some headhunters are exclusive and restrict the resources you can use. Not Cohen Partners. We want you to secure the best opportunity for you and your family, regardless of the source. And while that best opportunity will likely come through our contacts, we still encourage you to leverage all available means of getting interviews: alumni associations, classmates, military associates who’ve already transitioned, friends and family... everything.

Our Process

  • Quick Registration Form
  • Later, email your Cohen Partners rep your:
    • Last 5 observed military evaluations without your SSN (or all observed if you have less than 5).
    • CPs Application
  • Your Cohen Partners rep will review your case and make recommendations about the best way to interview be it phone interviews, virtual interviews or in-person interviews.

Your odds of landing a career that aligns with your preferences are:

Success Odds Calculator for Job Seekers

So we want to give you a quick sense of your odds of landing a career opportunity that works for you and your family.

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Upcoming Events

Navy Nuclear Virtual Hiring Conferences

Navy Nuclear Virtual Hiring Conferences

For candidates in the top technical program of the US Military.

April 24th and 25th, 2024

Leadership Virtual Military Hiring Conference

Leadership Virtual Military Hiring Conference

Positions In

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Logistics/Supply Chain/Material Management
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Supervision
  • Operations
  • Sales

Interviews, March 6th and 7th, 2024